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Optimized, revenue generating Customer Success isn't just for huge organizations. We offer plans starting from $100/m. Speak to us to learn how easy it is to get started today.


For early stage businesses who want to grow faster.
Access to all basic features
Basic reporting and analytics
Up to 3 native integrations
Legendary service and support

Enterprise plan

The ultimate platform for professional teams and enterprise organizations.
Advanced Features
Single Sign-on
Dedicated Account Manager
Legendary service and support
Userlot Key Features

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

We've handpicked the most powerful features of a customer success platform and wrapped them in an intuitive interface. Explore what Userlot can do for you.

Success Planning Tools

Elevate your customer success journey with Userlot's Collaborative Success Plan Tool. Craft, share, and track progress against customer success plans in tandem with your customers.

Command Center

Streamline all your customer success activities in one place. Plan, prioritize, and track with unparalleled visibility. Userlot Command Centre is your ultimate customer success control panel.

Customer Health Scoring

Customer Health Scoring is like having a vital sign monitor for your customers, giving you a real-time insight into their engagement, satisfaction, and feedback.

Track Product Usage

Keeping tabs on your customer's product usage and adoption levels can be crucial for their success journey. Our feature allows you to track product engagement in real time, revealing valuable patterns and insights.

Automate Playbooks and Workflows

Achieve More Customer Success without More Hires. Let Userlot's powerful automations handle the routine, so your team can focus on the strategic, and you can achieve greater success without the need for additional hires.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management is your strategic roadmap to customer success. It's not about the destination - it's about the journey. Userlot allows you to tailor plans for each lifecycle stage - onboarding, adoption, expansion, and loyalty.

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