Grow predictable revenue from existing customers

The Customer Success Platform for B2B SaaS

We put Your success first. Take control of your Customer Success strategy and recurring revenue growth.

Empower your overloaded team

Userlot eliminates guesswork and empowers your team to excel. Gain insights and allocate resources effectively to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Drive Revenue Growth

Userlot's user-friendly interface simplifies your workflow, ensuring you don't get bogged down with clunky software. Focus on what matters most - your customers, your revenue.

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Unlock Actionable Insights

Userlot provides deep insights into your customers, enabling data-driven decision-making across your entire organization for strategic growth. Capture key risk indicators to prevent churn. Use opportunity indicators to drive expansion.

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Connect your existing systems and datasources to understand the relationship you have with your customers.

Guide your Customers to success.

The Userlot platform allows you to maximize your relationships with your Customers

Actionable Insights

Use Product Usage and Adoption, Sentiment and Satisfaction insights to drive pro-active growth, NRR and confidently forecast recurring revenue.


Identify why your customer has purchased your solution and guide them through the onboarding process.


Drive product adoption with usage and behaviour insights to increase retention and expansion.

Expansion and Loyalty

Identify opportunities and take a strategic approach to expansion, upselling, cross selling and brand advocacy.

Generate more recurring revenue from your existing customers.

For early stage businesses who want to grow faster.

Core Features

Up to 3 Native Integrations

Legendary Service and Support

The Customer Success Platform for businesses who want to scale.

Single Product

All Features

All Native Integrations

Full API Access

Free Account Setup package

The ultimate platform for professional teams and enterprise organizations.


Advanced Features

Single Sign-On

Dedicated Account Manager and SLA

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