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Userlot Features

Customer Health Scoring

Get the pulse of your customer engagement, satisfaction, and feedback. No stethoscope needed.
Userlot Customer Health Scoring

Customer Health Scoring Explained

In the dynamic world of customer success, understanding your customer's health is crucial. Customer Health Scoring is like having a vital sign monitor for your customers, giving you a real-time insight into their engagement, satisfaction, and feedback.
Become proactive. Detect early signs of customer dissatisfaction or decreased engagement.
Make informed decisions. Armed with the data provided by health scores, you can make informed decisions that drive your customer success strategy.
Enhance your Customer Understanding. Health scoring helps you understand your customers on a deeper level.

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Userlot Customer Health Scoring

Userlot's Customer Health Scoring: Making Complex Simple

Empowering you to identify potential customer issues before they become problems. Think of it as your early warning system in the competitive landscape of customer success.

Customized Scoring

Adjust scores based on the unique indicators that matter most to your business and customer segments. Easy configuration for both simple and complex scoring requirements.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive notifications when a customer's health score dips, allowing for timely interventions. Get notified in-app, by email, Slack, Teams and more. Use changes in score to trigger automated playbooks and workflows.

Proactive Success

Switch from a reactive to a proactive stance in managing customer success, addressing concerns before they snowball. Analyze your top scores to discern meaningful customer behavior patterns.

How Userlot Stands Out

Selecting the ideal customer success tool is crucial for your company's growth and retention. Experience the distinction with a side-by-side comparison of Userlot and Totango. Discover which solution aligns best with your company's vision and goals.