Why you need to align Customer Success with Sales and Marketing

Charles Connell
May 2, 2023
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Aligning Customer Success with Sales and Marketing

While we may currently be facing short term challenges; it's always important to have long term strategies; after all - we want long term customers! Integrating customer success with sales and marketing is becoming an increasingly important strategy for businesses looking to drive revenue, retain customers and grow. By aligning customer success with sales and marketing, companies can create a seamless customer experience and improve their overall performance.

Not sure where to start? Try the following suggestions:

Align customer success and sales goals

By aligning customer success and sales goals, companies can ensure that customer success teams are focused on activities that drive revenue and customer retention.

Share customer data

By sharing customer data between customer success, sales and marketing teams, companies can gain a better understanding of customer needs and preferences, and use that data to inform sales and marketing strategies.

Collaborate on customer engagement

By collaborating on customer engagement, customer success, sales and marketing teams can ensure that customers are receiving a consistent and coordinated experience across all interactions with the company.

Co-create customer success plans

By co-creating customer success plans with sales and marketing teams, customer success can ensure that customers are set up for success from the start and that sales and marketing efforts are aligned with customer success goals.

Use customer feedback to improve products and services

By gathering customer feedback and working with sales and marketing teams to improve products and services, customer success can drive customer satisfaction, retention and revenue.

Create a customer-centric culture

By creating a customer-centric culture, where customer success is integrated into all business processes, companies can ensure that customer success is at the heart of everything they do.

It's important to remember that customer success isn't a department; it needs to be a company wide culture. Do this well and you are always going to outperform the competition.

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